By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: John McClain’s weekly visit, the new Seth Payne, Texans depleted coaching staff, an Astros controversy and more.

Bill O’Brien says what the most important thing is for him when it comes to the Texans organization moving forward and Seth thinks there’s plenty o blame to go around for 2017.

There is a lot of movement and departures on the Texans coaching staff. Mike and Seth react and wonder what’s next for the staff.

Mad Radio revisits a moment from a year ago that shows how fluid the NFL is, the life of a trust fund baby and what it says about society and the NFL.

There was a major controversy surrounding Astros World Series gear and Mike Meltser was in the middle of it. Mike unveils what he was given as compensation and more.

John McClain joins Mad Radio to discuss the temporary departure of Rick Smith and what’s next for Bill O’Brien and the depleted coaching staff.

Ask McClain Anything 1/3

John McClain doesn’t believe Rick Smith will be back with the Texans. The General discusses that and more with Mike and Seth during his weekly visit.

Mike and Seth take a look at the progress Case Keenum has made as an NFL QB from when he was a Texan to now and what the tape says.

Mad Radio gets an entertaining call from one of their favorite callers and dissects the popularity of Mike Vrabel and new power of Bill O’Brien.


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