By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: 10 people that should be booed in Houston, Jalen Ramsey’s respect for Hopkins, the rumor that won’t go away, John McClain on why Bill O’Brien is being asked about his job, ask McClain anything and more.

Mad Radio tries to get over the hump, takes a new approach to listeners and shouts out an Olympic legend.

The LeBron to Houston talk won’t die and Seth Payne is ok with that, but what would need to happen for it to happen?

Mad Radio discusses why a Super Bowl contender will be on the field Sunday when the Texans are in Jacksonville and how much of a threat the Jaguars are to the Patriots.

10 people in sports Houstonians should boo courtesy of Landry Locker and broken down by Mike and Seth.


John McClain tells Mad Radio why he asked Bill O’Brien about his job status Monday and if there’s a chance the Texans are searching for a new coach in a few weeks.

Ask McClain Anything 12/13

John McClain and Mad Radio discuss the unpredictable, wild NFC and if Aaron Rodgers could make another uncanny run down the stretch.

Mad Radio reacts to Jalen Ramsey’s words about DeAndre Hopkins and James Harden’s words about Dwight Howard.


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