By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Are O’Brien’s days in Houston numbered? Are people thirsty for takes about concussions, AJB and Jalen Ramsey speak, TrainWreck Tuesday, Dallas Keuchel’s exit plan, LeBron to Houston and more.

Mad Radio discusses the Rockets hot start and if this is just setting Houston up for another disappointment or if Chris Paul makes things different.

Amidst the drama surrounding Tom Savage’s concussion Bill O’Brien’s future with the Texans remains a topic locally and in the rumor mill.

There’s a strong chance that 2018 will be Dallas Keuchel’s last year with the Astros, which is something that comes with the territory of having young players and winning championships. Plus, reports are surfacing that the team is already eyeing other big-name pitchers, which Mad Radio takes a look at.

The Rockets are playing the best basketball in the NBA and NBA Insiders are starting to say that LeBron to Houston is a real possibility. Mad Radio reacts and discusses if they believe the hype and what it would mean for the city and LeBron’s legacy.

TrainWreck Tuesday 12/12: AJ Bouye, Jalen Ramsey, DJ Swearinger And Bill O’Brien Sound Off

Bill O’Brien’s future might be uncertain according to some, but quarterback Deshaun Watson says it shouldn’t be and he wants OB to be his coach next season.

Bill O’Brien defended himself yesterday, but was it even necessary. Seth Payne and Mike Meltser take a look at how Tom Savage’s concussion was handled.



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