By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Did the Texans mishandle Tom Savage after his concussion? Should TJ Yates start the remainder of the season? A wild weekend in the NFL, the Yankees acquire the best power hitter in the game and more.

MadRadio discusses if Tom Savage was put in danger by the Texans medical staff following his concussion Saturday at NRG.

Is TJ Yates a better option for the Texans than Tom Savage? Now that Yates has played Mad Radio discusses.

Mad Radio reacts to Brian Cushing’s return and whether or not he should have been named a captain before Sunday’s game.

Mad Radio takes a look at what The General John McClain said about the Texans loss to the 49ers and if he was too harsh, too light or just right.

Texans fans are frustrated about the 2017 season, but once it ends optimism could immediately ensue. Mad Radio discusses he strange spot of the Texans fanbase.

Mad Radio goes around the NFL following an entertaining Week 14 Sunday

Mike and Seth look into who needs to be replaced on the Texans roster and if the search for a new kicker is on the list of things that need to be addressed.


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