By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Is the best offensive mind in football coming to town Sunday? Did the 49ers get a better deal for their hopeful franchise QB than the Texans did with theirs? Worst Take Of The Week, Wade Smith in studio, strange Mike Vrabel dialogue, the Rockets are damn good, Stuff Landry Likes and a lot more.

Snow makes everyone in Texas crazy, but it makes Mad Radio quite insightful. The guys dig into the history of snow and more and Mike discusses his dueling video with Texans DT JJ Watt.

Jimmy Gorappolo has gotten a lot of love around the NFL despite a small sample size of success which annoys Seth. Mad Radio takes a look at Jimmy G as he comes to town this weekend and revisits a member of the station who is drinking Jimmy G Kool-Aid.

Mad Radio takes an in-depth look at the Texans trade for Deshaun Watson and the 49ers trade for Jimmy Gorappolo and which team made the better trade during the offseason.

Mike Meltser has a question about the Rockets and what their ceiling is and there is a passionate movement to keep house parties alive.

Mike Vrabel answered questions about becoming a head coach in the offseason and Mike Meltser doesn’t understand why.

Worst Take Of The Week 12/4 To 12/8

Members of the Houston SaberCats, Houston’s new Rugby team visit with Seth Payne to discuss the appeal of the game, how you can enjoy the newest sport in Houston and more.

Brian Cushing’s former teammate Wade Smith weighs in on his former teammate Brian Cushing’s PED suspension and a surprising impressive performance by a Texans offensive lineman.

A Guy Who Can Win You Your Fantasy Playoff Game, The Winner Of The CFP, Stuff Landry Likes 12/8

Why didn’t Brian Cushing appeal his suspension? His former teammate Wade Smith explains why and what he thinks of the current Cushing drama.


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