By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — It wasn’t long ago that Mike Vrabel was offered the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator position under then-head coach Chip Kelly.

Vrabel, who was at the time set to enter his third year as the Houston Texans linebackers coach, turned down the job.

Fast forward a year and a half later, Kelly is no longer in the NFL, and Vrabel is a defensive coordinator and, possibly, a candidate for head coaching vacancies around the league this offseason.

Good thing he turned down that job, right?

“Every job’s not a great job,” Vrabel said. “It’s gotta be the right fit. That could be for any profession, you guys going to a different station, going to a different newspaper or different magazine. It’s not always about the money, about the step up. It’s gotta be the right time, it’s gotta be right for you and your family and what you’re doing at the time, and where you see yourself in five or 10 years.”

Heading into this week’s Texans game against the 49ers, Vrabel’s future was once again a hot topic of conversation.

With the New York Giants already firing Ben McAdoo, and the Cleveland Browns letting go of GM Sashi Brown this morning, it’s that time of year that organizations push the reset button.

Vrabel will likely be a candidate for at least some of the head coaching openings. He’s highly thought of by coaches and executives around the league, so much so, that he was set to interview for the Los Angeles Rams vacancy before they hired Sean McVay — and before Vrabel had even been a coordinator before.

Would Vrabel entertain teams with interest in him?

“Obviously I would entertain it,” Vrabel said. “But right now we’re clearly focused on San Francisco like everybody here. I think all those things that get taken care of in the offseason really are something that you can’t concentrate on right now or anybody can. I think we’ve gotta play and we’ve gotta coach and we’ve gotta prepare and we’ve gotta practice.”

Does he want to be a head coach one day?

“When you get into coaching, I think everybody aspires to lead at the highest level,” Vrabel said. “Clearly being a head coach in the National Football League is the opportunity to do that.”

But Vrabel said he doesn’t want to get too far ahead of himself.

 “When I started coaching I didn’t think I’d be in the NFL,” he said. “When I started coaching I didn’t think I’d be at Ohio State. I didn’t think I’d be coordinating. You never really know. You try to do as good a job as you can in the role that you have, and you go from there.”


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