By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Five new things we learned about JJ Watt, Seth’s list, non-sexual things you have to keep from your significant other, John McClain and Seth go at it about Bill O’Brien, ask McClain anything and more.

Mad Radio breaksdown the past and current criticisms of Bill O’Brien and if they feel more or less confident about his ability to eliminate his weaknesses moving forward.

Mad Radio reacts to the latest national article about Texans DL JJ Watt and what they learned from it.

Mad Radio reacts, laughs and analyzes (or tries to) the best sound clips from the comical Herm Edwards ASU press conference.

Seth Payne gives parents am affordable holiday shopping guide to keep your kids active with a list of the five most affordable sports toys on the market.

Mad Radio recaps this week’s EVENTFUL drive of the week with play-by-play and commentary from Vandy and Andre in which Tom Savage looked good and bad, Stephen Anderson made plays and Jeff Allen had three straight false starts.

Mad Radio and John McClain discuss Bill O’Brien and if Deshaun Watson saved his job and masked his obvious flaws as a coach which leads to a heated exchange between Seth Payne and John McClain.

Ask John McClain Anything 12/6: The next team to win a championship in H-Town, Seth’s worst injury and much more.

John McClain is livid about Rob Gronkowski’s one-game suspension and thought it should have been suspended longer, but have no fear because Seth says he has the solution to the NFL’s suspension problem.

Mad Radio discusses the one non-sexual thing that they have to keep from their significant other aka a non-sexual side pieces.

Is Jacksonville the biggest threat to the Patriots and would Texans fans root for them or the Titans is a playoff game against the hated Pats?


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