By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: What is the point of Brian Cushing being back with the Texans? Trainwreck Tuesday, NFL controversy, the emotions of the Texans moving forward, fast food addictions, the chump of sports, a strange Jimbo Fisher  introductory presser and more.

Mad Radio reacts to the violent drama from last night’s Monday Night Football game, JJ Watt’s cane and more.

Mad Radio discusses the mysterious upside of Brian Cushing returning to the Texans and likely being active Sunday.

Mad Radio discusses the latest moronic moves made by the most moronic figure in college and professional sports.

Which game on the remaining schedule would Texans fans take most satisfaction in and has the effort been worthy of praise in recent weeks?

TrainWreck Tuesday 12/5: Pagano, A Disaster At The Podium, A Seth-Like F-Bomb And More.

Is the bulk of concussions for the Texans a coincidence or something that needs to be addressed? Plus, fans weigh in on how they feel about Brian Cushing’s return.

Mad Radio discusses some of the outrage following last night’s MNF Game, but wonders if people are being fairly objective when criticizing the NFL and wonders if people like violence in football as much as they used to.

Are some new future pieces emerging for the Texans amidst all of the injuries? Mike and Seth take a look at two surprising performances from Sunday and if this is a flash or something that can be continued heading into next season.

Mad Radio reacts to Jimbo Fisher being introduced as the head coach of Texas A&M and all of the extra stuff that came with it.


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