By Garret Heinrich

by: Garret Heinrich (@GarretHeinrich)

The final College Football Playoff rankings came out before the Conference Championships all take place this weekend and essentially decide which 4 teams will make the two-round winner take all tournament. The College Football Playoff has been a rousing success in its infancy, but honestly, we’re greedy and want more.  So looking at this final week of games that will decide which four teams move on and which teams just get to play in a meaningless bowl game with cool gift bags that are in absolutely no way illegal under NCAA Regulations unlike that $50 a coach gave a kid to get his oil changed so he could get to and from class in a working car is, let’s figure out who we want to win or lose so we can make the college football playoff even better? And we’ll figure it out without as many run-on sentences, we hope.

Aside from just blowing up College Football and realigning everyone and making relegation a thing (SEE THIS), the College Football Playoff is more fun when there is anarchy.  Thanks to Alabama’s loss to Auburn last week, the first step in the process has begun.  But what outcomes will cause the most chaos (and by most chaos I mean the most fan bases and teams mad they didn’t get in and someone else did. I’m talking Thanos landing in New York level chaos).

You back from watching the Avengers Infinity War trailer yet? Good.  TO THE RANKINGS

Here are the top 15 in the College Football Playoff Rankings:

  1. Clemson (11-1)
  2. Auburn (10-2)
  3. Oklahoma (11-1)
  4. Wisconsin (12-0)
  5. Alabama (11-1)
  6. Georgia (11-1)
  7. Miami (10-1)
  8. Ohio State (10-2)
  9. Penn State (10-2)
  10. USC (10-2)
  11. TCU (10-2)
  12. Stanford (9-3)
  13. Washington (10-2)
  14. UCF (11-0)
  15. Notre Dame (9-3)

NOT PLAYING THIS WEEK: Notre Dame, Washington, Penn State & Alabama are not playing this week.  All but Alabama have no shot at making the CFP.  Sorry guys.



If you want Chaos in the CFP then Georgia, the 6th ranked team in the country taking down Auburn is key.  The Bulldogs taking the Tigers down big is key to this anarchy.  It hurts the loss that Alabama suffered to Auburn if Auburn looks like they can’t beat good teams unless at home. Auburn’s best road win was at Texas A&M and they weren’t a great team this year. If Georgia can go 40-17 on Auburn they will likely jump Alabama in the College Football Playoff and it might keep Alabama out.



Chaos is always good if the number one team falls. We saw it with Alabama’s loss to Auburn knocking the Crimson tide out of the top four. Now if Miami beats Clemson they should jump into the Playoff no matter what. If they beat them closely, does that mean Clemson could argue to stay in the top four if other things fall their way? Maybe, but not likely with a loss to Syracuse on their record. But a close win by Miami brings the highest level of chaos.



Oklahoma has to win to keep things crazy. If TCU wins, great for them. But I don’t see them jumping from 11 to 4, even with an impressive win over Oklahoma and a Wisconsin loss. So Oklahoma moving up in the rankings will help keep things a little nutty.



The top-ranked undefeated team staying in is not a certainty. But their win against Ohio State will keep them in the Playoff and as many people see them as a weak undefeated team, it’s worth keeping them in just for that. Also, a loss to Ohio State almost assuredly lets Alabama jump into the top four, and for maximum chaos, we can’t have that happen.



Yes if USC wins handily, it would look good for them, but their season hasn’t been impressive enough to jump into the top four. But a win by them would cause a little bit of “what about USC” from the west coast hippies and screw those guys. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Garret is as west coast hippy as it comes, don’t let his pandering affect your view of him.)



I don’t know if there is anything a team like UCF can do and have the help to get into the top 4.  Even if Wisconsin loses, Oklahoma loses, Auburn Loses and Clemson loses, the teams that beat those teams are all ahead of the undefeated Knights in the standing and they likely would never jump any of the power five champions and Alabama.  But a 93 point win, just might have some clout.  So let’s go for it.

What does it all mean if the conference championships play out like this?

Auburn is out. We know that. Georgia would be in.  Oklahoma and Wisconsin would stay in. how that looks at positions 1, 2 & 3 I think is Oklahoma, Georgia, Wisconsin because SEC.  But who finds that fourth position is where the chaos would ensue.   Miami has to sit at number four with a win over the Number one team. Would that piss off Alabama? Of Course.  Would USC feel like they had a shot there, beating a quality Staford team? Of course.  UCF JUST WON BY 93-POINTS THEY HAVE TO BE IN! And Alabama isn’t. Really the best way for this weekend to unfold is for the most teams to feel like they have a legitimate shot at the top four. But most importantly, for Alabama to still be on the outside looking in.


Because Alabama is clearly the best team in the country right now. Alabama should be in the playoff. There is no reason, no matter what happens on Saturday for them not to be in it. But if you’re like me and want to see the College Football Playoff expand. Become something different. Maybe even a completely new thing.  Alabama can’t make it in and more teams than just them have to have a case. Time to start rooting for chaos. You not might agree with my chaos, but if you want chaos, just know we’re on the same team.



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