By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — Whatever struggles Tom Savage has had on the field for the Houston Texans this season, one thing he doesn’t have issues with, he said, is handling criticism.

“No, I think it’s easy,” Savage said. “I go home to a gorgeous wife and a gorgeous baby every day. I’m going to go out there and play for my guys in the locker room and I really don’t care what anyone says.”

Savage, now in the last year of his rookie contract, had another poor outing in last week’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

He threw two interceptions, including one on the last drive, and lost a strip sack — bringing his season giveaway total to 12.

Maybe the worst part about it? It came just one week after what the team hoped would be a breakthrough performance in their win over the Arizona Cardinals on Andre Johnson Day.

But despite the step back, and whatever noise comes with that, Savage said he’s still focused on making the most of his chances.

“I really mean this when I say it – I’m not losing any confidence,” Savage said. “I know the whole outside world is but I can promise you I’m not. I know I can go out there and I made a lot of great throws out there Monday night. It comes down to two or three plays, and that’s what this league’s about, is you have to make those plays or not throw those passes. I think it just comes down to that and if you don’t turn it over, like Coach (O’Brien) always says, we’ll win that game.”

It’s not just that Savage has had a lot of turnovers.

They’ve also come at critical times.

He was strip sacked on the final play of their loss to the Indianapolis Colts, with the ball on the 7 of a six-point game.

He melted down against the Los Angeles Rams, turning it over four times in what was only a two point game at halftime.

Then, Monday Night in Baltimore.

But Savage said the difference between the way he needs to be playing and the way he has been playing is only a few plays.

“I can promise you that I’ll be out there and I’ll be competing and give it my all,” Savage said. “I’m not out there trying to fail. I’m out there trying to do what I need to do to help this team win. I felt I did some good things out there on Monday night. That’s just it. You just have to keep going out there – I mean, (if) you don’t turn the ball over, we win the game and it’s a whole different dialogue right now. You know what I mean?”


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