By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — For all the negatives in the Houston Texans loss to the Baltimore Ravens last week, there was one unlikely positive: the performance of Braxton Miller.

After struggling to make much of an impact during his first two seasons, Miller had five catches for 43 yards — both career highs.

Could this be his tipping point for the former third round pick?

“I feel good,” Miller said. “When I get an opportunity to get out on the field, I just make the most of it.”

Getting on the field has been part of the problem for Miller, who’s been a healthy scratch three times in only 11 games.

But even when he’s gotten the chance to play, Miller’s performance this season has been, for the most part, underwhelming.

His career numbers: 27 catches, 176 yards and two touchdowns.

What does he need to do to break through?

“Just preparation,” Miller said. “The coaches, they coach me up in all the ways. They coach me hard. So when I get a chance to go out there (on game day) and show the type of coaching that I get throughout the whole week, I’m gonna make the most of it.”

Listening to Miller talk, as he did on Wednesday, his confidence is obvious. Whether or not he’s done enough since his days at Ohio State to justify it is a separate conversation. But in a rare opportunity to catch up with him, as reporters were able to this week, it’s clear that Miller feels good about what he can do.

Does he feel like he deserves more playing time?

“Just doing what the team asks me to do,” Miller said. “I just go out there and work every day, and just be happy, I’m here. “Just keep working every day, get better each week, and get ready for the Tennessee Titans.”



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