Paul reacts to the Texans loss in Baltimore Monday night.

Paul lists two reasons to stay tuned in to Texans games throughout the rest of the season.

In The Nightly News: The Rockets beat the Nets Monday night and more.

Paul reveals what Texans coach Bill O’Brien’s inner monologue (probably) sounds like during his media availability.

Paul recaps all the football action from the past week.

Paul reacts to a pro-Case Keenum article that specifically calls him out by name.

Paul reacts to the news that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will be benched for Geno Smith and performs a fitting song for the occasion.

A soul-stirring song about the fall of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Eli Manning.

In The Last Call: Paul reacts to the return of Brian Cushing and takes issue with another odd LeBron James social media post.


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