By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — Tom Savage knows it’s not personal, when Houston Texans fans boo him on the field like they did early in last week’s win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Or at least he hopes it’s not.

“They’re not booing me,” Savage said. “They’re booing the product. That’s what I think a lot of people have to realize. If they met me, they wouldn’t boo me. They’d like me. I’m sure of it. At least I’d hope.”

Savage had a breakout performance last week, going 22 of 32 for 230 yards and two touchdowns, but had a rocky start.

He was strip sacked on their third possession, losing his NFL quarterback-leading sixth fumble this season, and threw an interception a few drives later, giving the Cardinals the ball at the Texans 17 and 15. Arizona scored touchdowns on both drives.

Then came the boo birds.

Fortunately for Savage, he was able to turn it around, have his best performance of his four-year NFL career and win over the crowd.

“You’ve just gotta go out there, and you’ve gotta perform,” Savage said. “Once you do that, you can see it, it starts to take a turn, and the players start to rally around it. That’s the most important part.”


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