By Paul Gallant, SportsRadio 610By Paul Gallant

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Texans quarterback Tom Savage has been under a microscope – and under fire – since resuming duties as the starter after Deshaun Watson’s season ending injury. And rightfully so. After all, the Texans offense struggled the last two weeks in losses to the Colts and Rams with Savage under center.

But things were different Sunday. Savage had a solid day at the office – finishing 22-32 for 230 yards and 2 touchdowns – to help the Texans snap a three game losing streak.

“It feels awesome,” said Savage of his performance. “It’s hard to win in this league. You’re looking out there and you’re going against Patrick Peterson and Tyrann (Mathieu) out there, but at the same time, you take a step back and you look at us from a fan’s perspective and you’re like this is awesome. It feels great when you win. Like I said it’s tough to do it, but we found a way to make it happen.”

“I thought, I’ll be honest with you, I thought he played a very mentally tough game,” said O’Brien of his quarterback. “I thought he turned it over there, the one I don’t think was totally his fault, the ball got batted in the air on the one interception, but the pocket fumble, I thought he really didn’t give in to that mentally and I thought he came in back to the sideline and recovered and went on to play a good game. Got us into a big touchdown there to D’Onta (Foreman), not the last one but the one, it was kind of an interesting play-call and he was able to get us to the right play based on a front that we really hadn’t seen. I thought he did a great job in that regard, too, of getting us into the right plays. Very happy for him.”

Texans wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins (4 catches for 76 yards and a TD) and Bruce Ellington (6 catches for 63 yards) liked what Savage did too.

“It’s big,” said Hopkins of Savage’s day. “He’s the starting quarterback for this team. Anything that I can do, anything that the running backs can do, the defense, special teams, it helps out not just Tom (Savage), but everybody in the process.”

“It was a great job Tom (Savage) did,” said Ellington. “He’s getting better every week. We’re getting the chemistry better every week. It’s a big win, so we just have to build on it.”

Tom Savage has been very hard on himself over the last few weeks. He was even hard on himself today, faulting himself for giving the Cardinals 14 points with a lost fumble and an interception. I asked him what helped him move on from those mistakes.

“I think the past couple of weeks have helped me out a lot,” said Savage. “I really have to block out all the noise. This game is tough and they’re going to make some plays out there. You’re not going to get anywhere by sulking or holding your head down. As a quarterback, your team needs you out there to be the leader so I am going to just go out there and keep slinging it and play confident. That’s really all I can do. I am confident in myself. I know I can do it. I think the team feeds off of that.”

Savage also credits a 101 speech from Texans quarterback coach Sean Ryan in helping him out.

“Sean gave me a speech last night before the game that was just incredible,” said Savage. “I will let him tell you. It’s all about mental toughness out there and just blocking it out. I think the team kind of rallies around that. I am super proud to be apart of this squad because we have some leaders out there. This team never points the finger. We are always in it together. I think that’s why we came out victorious.”

We’ll see if his play Sunday will carry over to next Monday’s game in Baltimore against the Ravens.

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