By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Will the Texans show up on Andre Day? Worst Take Of The Week, Clowney on Peterson, the one QB Gruden hates, CP3 is back, Altuve is MVP and more.

Mad Radio discusses the end of the MVP drought in Houston, Chris Paul’s re-debut for the Rockets and more.

Seth Payne took using Uber to another level yesterday after a trip to New Mexico.

WWE Champion AJ Styles And NXT Champion Drew McIntyre join Mad Radio to discuss all of the WWE action coming to Houston this weekend.

Larceny Bourbon Keys To The Game: How do the Texans win?

Mad Radio takes in J.D. Clowney’s comments about Arizona RB Adrian Peterson and Landry Locker has done the impossible, finally found a quarterback Jon Gruden hates and here’s a hint, he will be in Houston Sunday.

Seth Payne talks about what Andre Johnson was like as a teammate and a caller calls in to question Andre’s leadership, which sets Mike Meltser off.

Worst Take Of The Week 11/13 to 11/17

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to discuss Andre Johnson as a teammate and the Texans will Tom Savage under center.

Sporting events, drink recipes and more, Stuff Landry Likes 11/17.

Wade Smith discusses Gary Kubiak’s coaching style and Andre Johnson, the teammate.


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