By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Jose Altuve better win MVP, Bill O’Brien needs to bench Savage, five cringe-worthy Houston sports things Landry Locker would rather watch than Savage playing QB, Screw Em, Chris Paul will return to the court, Paul Gallant says there will be a new face of sports in five years and a lot more.

Are the Tennessee Titans a fraudulent contender and is Tom Savage another Brock Osweiler at the podium? Mike Meltser and Paul Gallant, in for Seth Payne, discuss.

The Texans have a lot of holes on their roster, but how high of a priority should backup quarterback be in the offseason? Mike Meltser and Paul Gallant, in for Seth Payne, discuss.

Mad Radio with Paul Gallant, in for Seth Payne, discuss the announcement of the AL MVP today and why Jose Altuve not only deserves it, there should be a riot if he doesn’t.

Landry Locker says it’s time for Bill O’Brien to put Tom Savage back in his comfort zone, on the bench, and to never allow him to take another snap as the Houston Texans quarterback.

There will be a new face of sports in five years and you won’t believe who Paul Gallant, in for Seth Payne, thinks it will be. He makes the announcement and Mike Meltser and Landry Locker take him to task.

In the latest Mad Radio extended discussion Mike Meltser and Seth Payne visit with Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni and his wife Laurel for a candid conversation about the 2017-18 Rockets team, the foundation of the organization, their love for each other and the game of basketball, Laurel’s role in Mike’s career and much, much more. Plus, the true story behind what happened in the final game of last season.

Mad Radio discusses Tom Savage’s struggles and allows contrasting Texans fan views to be heard about the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans.

Mad Radio revisits the comments made by the the agent of Tom Savage following his client benched and what he must be saying right now.

Screw Em 11/16

Worst Take Of The Week Nominees 11/16: Seth needs turnover chain history, Mike’s setup, Landry wants to hear the impossible and Gallant has a new face for sports. Plus, Meltser gets you hype for today’s sports day.


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