In the latest Mad Radio extended discussion Mike Meltser and Seth Payne visit with Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni and his wife Laurel for a candid conversation about the 2017-18 Rockets team, the foundation of the organization, their love for each other and the game of basketball, Laurel’s role in Mike’s career and much, much more. Plus, the true story behind what happened in the final game of last season.

Among the topics of discussion:

  • How they met and how basketball has always been a part of their life
  • Game 6 and the criticism James Harden has gotten
  • Why Mike is confident CP3 will be a good fit
  • The disagreements he and Daryl Morey have and how their relationship works so well
  • The way Laurel handles criticism and keeps an eye on the media compared to Mike’s approach
  • The evolution of the game of basketball
  • Why Mike finds himself enjoying the Warriors success
  • What it was like to coach in New York
  • Laurel’s work with the community since Hurricane Harvey and experience in natural disasters
  • If Mike was prepared to coach Carmelo Anthony if the Rockets had acquired him
  • The role Patrick Beverley had on last year’s team and why he still means a lot to both Mike and Laurel
  • The most impressive thing about James Harden that a lot people don’t talk about
  • Laurel’s relationship with Mad Radio
  • So much more!

Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni and his wife Laurel sit down with Mike and Seth in the latest version of Mad Conversations to discuss everything from James Harden’s offseason criticism, acquiring CP3, organizational philosophies, their relationship as an NBA couple and much more.


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