By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: RG3 wants to be a Texan, Ask McClain Anything, Case Keenum’s return to the Texans, Rick Smith in the Texans Ring Of Honor and who could be next, an in-depth look at Tom Savage’s inability to hold onto the football and more.

RG3 apparently thinks he would be a good fit for the Texans, but is this something the Texans should entertain? Mike, Seth and Landry take a look at the possibility and talk themselves into kicking the tires on the former NFL Rookie Of The Year.

A lot of people say they don’t want Bill O’Brien to be the coach of the Texans anymore, but who would you replace him with? Mad Radio goes through the list of potential candidates.

Mad Radio has a disagreement about what in the heck is up with the biggest craze in college football, maybe in all of sports.

Is Rick Smith destined for the Texans Ring Of Honor? Mike and Seth discuss Andre Johnson being inducted as the first member Sunday and who else could follow including the Texans GM.

In this week’s Texans drive recap Seth Payne gives an in-depth look at all four of Tom Savage’s turnovers and how much of the blame is on him.

John McClain understands the disgust with the Watson-less Texans, but hopes fans will at least show up to honor Andre Johnson Sunday.

Case Keenum is playing great for the Minnesota Vikings and will be on the market this offseason. Given the fact the Texans need to prioritize their backup QB position and will have cap room should they bring him back to Houston? John McClain and Mad Radio discuss.

A discussion about viable NFL head-coaching candidates and who, if anyone, you’d want to replace Bill O’Brien takes a strange, yet entertaining turn that leads to role playing taking the daughter of Wade Phillips on a date.


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