By Paul Gallant, SportsRadio 610By Paul Gallant

LOS ANGELES (SPORTSRADIO 610) The Texans 33 – 7 loss to the Rams was yet another ugly one. But after a third straight defeat, Jadeveon Clowney said that he and the rest of the locker room aren’t panicking.

“I think we’ll be alright,” said Clowney about the rest of the season. “It’s just the type of locker room we’ve got. We always come to compete. I don’t care who we’re against, what our record looks like. Sunday’s come, we’re going to compete at a high level. No matter what’s going on.”

For his part, Clowney had a sack and three tackles for a loss on Sunday.

“I know one thing about this team, we’re going to compete,” continued Clowney. “I ain’t worried about the rest of the outcomes. I know one thing. We’re going to compete no matter who we play on any given Sunday. And that’s what we do. And that’s what we’re going to continue to do no matter what.”

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien took the blame for the Texans loss at his press conference after the game. But Clowney doesn’t quite see it that way.

“Bill takes the blame all the time when we lose,” said Clowney when told that O’Brien said the loss was on him. “That’s a coach. He puts himself above everybody so he put it on himself. You can’t say anything about it. But as a player, you still want to say ‘come on now, everything isn’t on you.’ We could’ve made more plays than we made. But it didn’t happen like that.”

Clowney thinks the team needs to be more consistent.

“We want to start every game and finish games that same way. We start off good. Play the first half good. Little slip up in the third and it got away from us.”

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