By Shaun Bijani

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – After being benched in the season opener for rookie Deshaun Watson, not many would have disagreed with backup quarterback Tom Savage if he’d have said he’ll never step under center again, at least as a member of the Houston Texans.

However, following the news this past week of Watson’s season-ending knee injury, Savage, again was thrust into a starting job.

Struggling to move the ball for much of the game, Savage had finally found some rhythm late in the game with the Texans trailing the Colts 20-7.

With nearly six minutes remaining in the game, and the Texans still smoldering after being torched by TY Hilton to the tune of 175 yards and 2 touchdowns, Savage led the Texans down the field on a 6 play 75 yard drive that ended with a 34 yard TD pass to DeAndre Hopkins, to cut the deficit to 20-14.

The touchdown pass for Savage, did not just give the Texans hope within the game, it also erased a major burden for Savage in that he had finally thrown his first touchdown pass in an NFL game.

You can’t play this game lacking confidence.

For Savage, it has been a challenge over the course of the last 4 years as a member of the Texans, having battled through a number of injuries, entering the season as the guy standing in the way of Watson getting his shot and being benched in the season opener for the Texans young rookie first round pick.

One could imagine the rollercoaster for Savage and the Texans at the quarterback position for the last few seasons could weigh heavily on a guy. However, those sorts of ups and downs go with the territory, and DeAndre Hopkins recognizes that as well.

“He’s played in games before and he’s been in this league for a while,” Hopkins said.

The confidence of this Texans team, while maybe shaken after Sunday’s 20-14 loss to the Colts, is far from broken according to Texans left tackle Chris Clark.

“We have to overcome that adversity, you know things are going to hit the fan. We just have to build on what we have, we have a great team. It’s very important right now that we stick together and put the pieces of the puzzle back together.”

That puzzle at this point, seems a heck of a lot bigger, and less put together than it did a week ago.

While the Texans were able to keep similar wrinkles to the version of offense Bill O’Brien likes to run with Watson installed today in terms of motion and limited play action, Savage and the Texans still struggled to expose the 31st ranked pass defense until late in the game.

Texans cornerback Marcus Williams think’s the team can adjust and will rebound from their latest setback.

“I feel like everybody is still together, we’re all down right now because it’s a loss but after [Monday] we’ll watch the film and then get ready for the Rams next week.”

Meanwhile, the Texans are again reduced to playing out the remainder of their games this season without players at key positions on both sides of the ball, and while there is still plenty to be concerned with in regards to the defense’s secondary, Tom Savage and the Texans offense must figure out a way to carry their weight the final 8 games.


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