HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – The Houston Texans owner Bob McNair will have his e-mails and text messages deposed in the lawsuit filed by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting.

Along with McNair other owners may see their correspondence brought to light in the case that Kaepernick is claiming he was banned from the NFL by owners because of his protests of social injustice during the National Anthem.  Kaepernick started the protests before the 2016 season.  During 2017, while Kaepernick has been unsigned, many other players knelt during the anthem.

Before week 3 of the season President Donald Trumps said that the players kneeling are “son’s of bitches” and he hoped the owners would fire them.  This caused a stir among the players that saw most teams that weekend protest in some fashion during the Anthem.

McNair revitalized the conversation in Houston when it was revealed he used the idiom of letting the “inmates running the prison.” He appologized for the comments and said that he was talking abotu the way the league was handling the protrests, but the Texans saw more than 30 players kneel during their week 8 game in Seattle in protest of the comments.


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