By Paul Gallant, SportsRadio 610By Paul Gallant

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – The majority of Texans players knelt on Sunday in response to Texans owner Bob McNair’s controversial comments – “The inmates can’t be running the prison” – made in league meetings. On Monday, Duane Brown explained what he hoped the protest accomplished.

“Just trying to show some kind of unity and solidarity among each other,” said Brown. “Everyone felt how we felt about it. And I think we discuss it a lot at length at this point. I thought we made a statement. And from now on, everything will be discussed internally going forward.”

Brown was asked what’s next for the Texans in regard to the protests.

“That’s yet to be decided,” answered Brown. “Like I said, today we were just here to review the film and focus on Indianapolis. Whatever else happens, I think we’ll keep it internal.”

Texans wide receiver Will Fuller described Brown as a team spokesman after the 41 – 38 loss to the Seahawks Sunday. Brown explained why Fuller might feel that way.

“I’ve been here for quite a while,” said Brown. “And I probably know what needs to be conveyed at what time. So that’s why.”

Brown said that McNair’s comments didn’t give the team any added motivation.

“I don’t think we needed any extra fuel,” said Brown. “This locker room is a team of competitors and a resilient group. We had our mindset that we’re going to go out and compete to the best of our ability. Just trying to get a fourth win against a great Seattle team. That was the mindset.”

“We didn’t need any added motivation, but . . . ” continued Brown before a long pause. “We just went out and played.”

The NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday at 3 PM Central. Brown has been the subject of trade rumors for most of the season, and those rumors are still circulating.

“I don’t pay too much attention to that stuff,” said Brown of the rumors. “When I come here to work, I’m coming here to work for my guys. And that’s the mentality that I have.”

“That’s not up to me,” continued Brown when asked about his future with the team again. “I’m just here to work. So whatever happens happens. But like I said, I’m coming here with the mentality to work. And I’m here with my teammates right now. So that’s all I think about.”

Brown said that his relationship with Bob McNair had “been okay” before McNair’s comments at the league meetings came to light. He was asked if he’d want to play for a different owner.

“I don’t think about that,” said Brown, who then paused for a few seconds. “When I come here, I’m here to work with my guys. That’s all I’m thinking about right now.”

Sunday marked Brown’s first game of the season with the Texans. He thought that he played solid, and that the offense did a good job.

“We executed a lot of plays well,” said Brown of the offense. “It’s just a matter of 3, 4 plays that was the deciding factor in the game for us. I thought I played okay for my first outing. Obviously a lot that I can clean up, but it’s pretty encouraging.”

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