HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) –  Just when you thought the Houston Astros and Los Angels Dodgers Game 5 couldn’t get any weirder, the bottom of the ninth happened.

With the Astros up 12-9 Yasiel Puig flicked a one-handed two-run homer over the short porch in left field to make it a one-run game.  On the replay of the home run, it was caught by a woman in the front row of the Crawford Boxes and as she was celebrating the catching of a home run at a World Series game the man sitting two seats over from her ripped the ball away from her and threw it back on the field.

Even with six home runs, over four-hundred pitches, and never-ending excitement and drama that extended into the morning hours of Monday, this moment still might have been the weirdest craziest thing to happen at Minute Maid Park that night.

UPDATE: The man who stole the ball is reportedly the brother-in-law of the woman who caught it.  And while she is not mad he threw the ball back on the field, according to yahoo sports, she wanted to throw the ball back on the field her self.

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  1. That guy deserved an A$$ kicking!

    1. Bert Resnik says:

      There is a complete interview of the man, the brother in law, who took the ball away from his sister in law, along with the husband and wife of each of them who were there, on mlb.com. It appears the brother in law was, in the heat of the moment, impatient and not sure if the sister in law was going to do the right thing: throw the baseball back (this is a righteous and noble thing for any fan of a team to do: throw a homerun ball of the opposing team back on the field!). In the interview they all laugh at about it.

      Don’t know if you can get to the interview (I’ve got a subscription to MLB.TV – Giants fan I am) but here’s a link:



      1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a true fan keeps the ball as a timeless souvenir. Unimaginable that you’re fortunate enough to attend a World Series game and then catch a home run ball to boot! It takes a real special kind of stupid to throw it back. And the jerk that had the temerity to grab the ball from the woman who caught it and then throw it back, should have been swiftly ushered away by the police!

  2. I would sue him for the value of the baseball.

  3. I can only hope the ball thief wass permanently banned and the woman gets her ball back, autographed by the team of her choice.

  4. Rick Goncher says:

    Serioualy, you guys really need to do some research before you start making rash assumptions. First, that’s her Brother-in-Law and he was not angry. Secondly, this is a tradition from Wrigley Field in Chicago where you keep the homerun ball from your team and throw back any from the opposition. Third, in an interview after the game, the man in the video said: “(Explative) the Dodgers!” There’s you story. Do some research will ya?

    1. Rick, Who CARES what they do at Wrigley? This is in Houston. This woman caught the ball at the World Series. It’s hers to do with as she pleases. The guy should be banned! It’s even worse if it’s the brother in law. She’ll have to deal with him the rest of her life.

    2. Obviously all of the people who are offended by this are not true sports fans and have NEVER been passionate about a team! Throwing back a HR ball from the opposing team happens in almost every ML Stadium in the country and it is usually worse for the fan when they do not throw it back! The people who are offended the type of fans that do not know a HR from a Touchdown!! Get a grip folks, it is a baseball, I am sure she with proper counseling and a group hug from all of you she can get over this!!

      1. Mosin Swede says:

        What many of us are responding too is a man ripping the ball out of the woman’s hand. What kind of weak effeminate excuse for a man would do that? If it was another guy he took it from then its between them, but what fake man assaults a woman, only a pitiful coward.

      2. David Ivey says:

        If I caught the ball I would throw the ball back on the field as it is obviously the right thing to do. However, if some guy, my brother-in-law or not, ripped the ball out of my wife’s hands like that then I would have punched him the face because that’s also the right thing to do.

      3. Neil Jensen says:

        There is value in Baseball memorabilia. Baseball is all about the stats, the records and the history of the game. That particular ball was historic and valuable. It was the 22nd homerun hit in this world series (no doubt not the last). That homerun ball broke the previous world series record. Not just a souvenir, but a piece of Baseball history. Pretty lame to throw it back (IMHO).

  5. Denny Soltis says:

    What an idiot…..it was not his ball to toss back on the field…it was caught by a lady and she seemed thrilled about having caught a fly ball at a World Series game….that loser should have been removed from the game…it’s illegal in some major league ballparks to toss a ball or anything onto the field (printed right on the tickets) That guy is the new poster child for disgusting idiots.

  6. What that fan did was a robbery with force, a felony. He should be prosecuted for that and MLB should make every attempt to, if possible, return the fan’s property to her.

  7. If that happened to me and my GF that guy would be taking his teeth home in his hand as a souvenir.

  8. Andy Howe says:

    Don’t care what the story is and how much they try to justify and excuse it after the fact; it is clear that the guy is an Asstro. If he is what is typical of an Astro fan, then the whole city needs to be ashamed.

  9. Anyone want to bet that guy voted for Hillary the witch!

  10. She is only mad she did not get to throw the ball back herself instead of her asshat BIL.

  11. I couldn’t believe that when I saw it last night. I hope the team tracks her down and gives her an autographed ball. They don’t have to but it would be nice. She was devastated. Had a World Series ball and some jerk took it away from her.

  12. Seems the guy is her brother-in-law. Must be a control freak … send him to Dr. Phil!

  13. This is really not a big deal. Only people who watch baseball during playoffs or WS would even be whining about it. It’s all part of being a fan. The guy probably shouldn’t have taken the ball but the women was not mad. If it was a stranger talking the ball, it would be different. If the lady is not mad and finds it funny, why would an outsider looking in be mad? Lighten up. GO BRAVES!! Our time is near!

  14. Jim Love says:

    Idiots….that was his sister-in-law, and it’s a tradition to throw the opposition HR back on the field. They were laughing a few moments later, and all she wanted to do is throw the ball back herself

  15. Maybe she was mad. Maybe she’s shutting her yap to keep peace in the family. That was a World Series home run ball, and if some mouth-breathing moron grabbed it from me and threw it back on the field he would be right behind it.

  16. It would have been funnier if he had licked it before he threw it back . . . 🙂

  17. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  18. Steve Hollar says:

    Wow, do you people just read the first sentence or two of an article? The guy is her brother-in-law. She was only sort of mad at him because she wanted to throw the ball back herself. It’s some kind of silly tradition. Get a grip folks, and learn how to comprehend what you read.

  19. Brian Barnes says:

    True Astros fan!! The only SOB in the story is the jerk that hit it there in the first place.

  20. The guy is a Houston hero. His sister-in-law, and obviously half of the commenters here, are fair weather fans – not to know that it’s home team etiquette to throw that HR ball back. Please stay away from actual games – you ruing it for actual fans. 🙂

  21. Never thought I’d root for the Dodgers, But after the Cuban/Astro did the Asian slur thing, and now this, Go Dodgers!!

  22. Now that’s mansplaining! Where are the feminists when ya need them!? lol

  23. Everyone has a brother-in-law like that. Well, except MY brother-in-law; HIS brother-in-law is great!

  24. Tom McGinn says:

    Oh gee….all the snowflake liberals are offended for the woman. LOL. If any of you umbrage takers would bother to do some homework you would know that they were all related and that they are ALL GOOD with the brother in law throwing the ball back on the field. But feel free to have your personal feelings hurt for the woman…you bunch of liberal pansies.

  25. Are there no men left? You take that from my wife we r gonna dance…

  26. Maybe they should charge him with littering.

  27. More Fake News: The man who threw the ball is the woman Brother in Law. The four people are all related and had agreed that any Dodger Home Run they might catch would be thrown back onto the field before they went to the game.

    CBS gets a big fat “F” for failing to research a story.

  28. Elena George says:

    Yeah, I saw that and thought to myself — How Rude!

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