By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Reaction to one of the greatest games in the history of Houston sports and more.

Mad Radio reacts to the Astros epic Game 2 World Series win.

Mad Radio takes a closer look at the Astros Game 2 win and the emotions that they went through along the way.

Mike and Seth compare the weirdness of two Houston sports enemies for the upcoming weekend through epic, entertaining audio and analysis.

Mike Meltser goes through the underrated, under the radar moments from last night’s Astros win in Los Angeles.

Mad Radio and Paul Gallant breakdown the concerns and second-guessing that comes to mind after Game 2 of the World Series and moving forward in the series.

You won’t believe what a member of the national media compared the Dodgers to after Game 1 of the World Series. Mad Radio and PG break it down and discuss the Astros epic comeback.

Mad Takes: Seth’s Bad Puig Impression, Crazy Astros Moments And Texans Opponent

Re-living The Sounds And Emotions Of Game 2


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