By Derek Fogel

Houston (SPORTSRADIO 610) – TMZ Sports reported that Astros Manager A.J. Hinch was in an altercation at the hotel bar in Pasadena, CA following his World Series Game 1 loss. The report says he allegedly ‘snapped’ and police were called to ‘keep the peace’. No arrests or police reports were filed.

“I have a brief comment on it. First off there was no altercation,” Hinch said. “It’s a shame I get asked about some nonsense, some fabrications and non-stories and I have to respond to it on a national stage. But to reiterate, there was no altercation and that’s as far as I’m going to go. It’s ridiculous.”

When asked about the details, A.J. repeated himself.

“Like I said, fabrications really suck and I’m not going to address any of them.”


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