By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — After a white hot start to  his NFL career, Deshaun Watson has drawn comparisons to a number of quality quarterbacks around the league.

Namely, Russell Wilson.

Heading into this week’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, Watson said he’s got great admiration for Wilson’s game.

“Of course his leadership, but his decision making,” Watson said. “The way he operates and takes control of that offense. You saw it as a rookie. He came in and he just knew where everyone was at. He’s demanding greatness out of every player, and that causes the whole offense to execute at a high level, and be successful.”

Wilson, 28, has had arguably the second best start to an NFL career for a quarterback, outside of Tom Brady.

He’s won a Super Bowl, and came a yard away from winning another. He’s never missed an NFL playoffs, winning at least 10 games every regular season, and at least one in the postseason.

All for a third round pick out of North Carolina State, who many wondered was tall enough to even be starting-caliber.

Watson, of course, has excelled in his first pro season as well.

He’s second in the NFL in touchdowns (15) this season, tied with Brady and Alex Smith and only two behind Carson Wentz, who’s played seven games to Watson’s six.

He’s led the offense to 30 or more points in four straight games,  scored five touchdowns himself twice and gone 3-2 as a starter.

It’ll be interesting to see how Watson holds up after the bye.

Wilson improved in the second half of his rookie season, bettering his touchdown-to-interception ratio (11 to 2), completion rate (67.8 percent) and yards per attempt (9.22) in his final six games.

“Now it’s even better,” Watson said. “It’s special,”


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