By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: The Astros fall in Game 1 and their hope rests on Verlander, John McClain’s weekly visit, the handling of Duane Brown, the partying of athletes, Do You Hate This and more.

Mad Radio reacts to the Astros Game 1 loss in Los Angeles and Seth is flustered by the playoff pressure or is he?

Mike and Seth look at the task ahead for the Houston Astros as Justin Verlander takes the mound for Game 2 and Landry tries to loosen the mood.

How will the Texans coaching staff know when Duane Brown is in football shape? Plus, Landry asks the guys how dedicated will Brown be to the team.

Five Things About Game 1 Of The World Series

The General John McClain joins Mad Radio to gives the latest on Duane Brown and what the Texans plan will be will the veteran Left Tackle moving forward.

Ask Jon McClain Anything 10/25: Yet another entertaining uncandid AMA on a Wednesday on SportsRadio 610.

Mad Radio and John McClain discuss the questions Seth Payne hates the most when discussing tonight’s Game 2 of the World Series, is tonight a must win?

John McClain ranks the celebrities that were in attendance for Game 1 of the World Series.

Mad Radio unleashes their Game 1 frustration with a game of Do You Hate This.

MeltsDown: Mike Disagrees With Some Astros Fans On One Big Thing


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