By: Crystal Hessong

Houston’s long history means that not all its former citizens will rest in peace. Some places around town are purported to be haunted. This October, check out these spookiest spots in Houston and you just might have a chilling experience of your own.

La Carafe
813 Congress Ave.
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 229-9399

Located inside one of the oldest standing buildings in downtown Houston, La Carafe today operates as a bar. In the 1800s, it opened as a bakery operated by the Kennedy family. For five generations, the building remained with that family, but by the mid-1900s, the current owner’s family purchased the bar. Bartenders and guests have reported glasses breaking and footsteps in empty areas. Supposedly, the spirit of a former bartender, named Carl, still walks through the building. Some have said to have seen his silhouette in an upper window at closing time.

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Glenwood Cemetery
2525 Washington Ave.
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 864-7886

Glenwood still operates as a cemetery near the westside of downtown Houston. While many consider all cemeteries to be haunted, this one feels especially eerie, especially when you begin to recognize the names of many well-known Houstonians buried there. Opened in 1872, Glenwood continues operations as an active cemetery. The Victorian architecture of the time it opened adds to the eeriness of the facility. Whether you get creeped out by angel statues looming over graves or the tales of ghosts that wander the cemetery, you should visit Glenwood for a spooky time.

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Elder Street Artists’ Lofts
1101 Elder St.
Houston, Texas 77007

Though today, the muses of the artists who live there haunt the corridors, the Elder Street Artists’ Lofts have a history of ghostly encounters. Once known as Jefferson Davis Hospital, the building was constructed on top of the former Houston City Cemetery. To preserve the burials, the lowest floor of the building was constructed at grade rather than underground, but this did not keep the souls of those underneath at peace. Before its revival, people claimed to hear screams and howls from the former residents of the hospital and those buried under it. Today, this site is houses artists, but don’t plan a visit unless you personally know a resident. This is one location where you will have to get your ghostly thrills by looking at its exterior only.

Julia Idelson Building Houston Public Library
550 McKinney St.
Houston, Texas 77002
(832) 393-1662

The Houston Public Library’s downtown branch has a pair of buildings. The older of the two is the Julia Idelson Building, which houses the historic documents of the Texas Room. Here, you may hear a former caretaker playing the violin after dark or the sound of his dog’s claws clicking on the wooden floors. Don’t worry, though, he seems to be a friendly ghost, content to make footsteps and play his violin.

Battleship Texas
3523 Independence Parkway
La Porte, Texas 77571
(281) 479-2431

Found adjacent to the San Jacinto battleground, the Battleship Texas has a history of its own. It served in both world wars, a distinction no other remaining battleship can claim. Some visitors claim to have seen the ghost of a redheaded crew member or heard odd noises from the silent engine room. Take a tour yourself to get a glimpse of history while chancing your own ghostly meeting.