Sean, Rich, and Ted open the show with two segments of reaction to the Astros beating the Yankees in 7 games to reach the World Series.


Sean, Rich, and Ted discuss a question proposed by fellow 610 host Jeremy Branham, how did Justin Verlander clear waivers to make the trade to the Astros possible?


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about Duane Brown returning to the Texans. How long will it take him to get into football shape and learn the new offense? Should the team forgive all the fines for holding out?


Sean, Rich, and Ted mock stupid people, doing stupid things. Since it’s Monday, All Due Respect will be all from the world of pro football.


Sean, Rich, and Ted discuss the performance from Lance McCullers Jr in Game 7 of the ALCS, and his future with the team. If injuries continue, would he be better in the closer role going forward?



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