By Garret Heinrich

One of the most iconic episodes of ‘The Simpson’s’ ever is getting it’s very own mockumentary/documentary.  “Homer At The Bat” the episode in which Homer Simpson wins the big company softball game filled with ringers like Jose Conseco, Ken Griffey Jr., Wade Boggs and more, will be a featured documentary on October 22nd on FOX (Check Local Listings For Times).

Directed by “Super Size Me” creator Morgon Spurlock the mockumentary will feature characters from the show along with former MLB players who appeared as guest stars.  It will also bring in ‘experts’ like Joe Buck to talk about the impact of the game.  “Springfield of Dreams: The Legend of Homer Simpson” airs 25 years after The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant took down Shelbyville for the trophy, we’re getting the story we’ve all wanted on how they did it.

If you don’t set your DVR right now, you are probably from Shelbyville.

And also, watch this.


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