Sean, Rich, and Ted react for two segments to the Astros vs Yankees series. Getting shut out in Game 5, confidence in Verlander to win Game 6, their chances of winning the series still, and changes they’d make to the batting lineup.


Sean, Rich, and Ted react to the Rockets picking up a road win on a back-to-back without Chris Paul in the lineup.


Rob Pizzola from joins Sean, Rich, and Ted every Thursday to talk about NFL lines, odds, and over/under plays. This week also includes his thoughts on the Astros odds to comeback vs the Yankees.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them everyday during All Due Respect. Stories include a college student who filled her roomates water bottle with toilet water.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about a poll of NFL players about quarterbacks which included questions like best trash talker, and which QB they’d least want on their team.