By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: The pulse of the city following a third straight loss in New York, Bill O’Brien and Deshaun Watson’s relationship through audio, an in-depth breakdown of the Texans with our two former NFL players, how the Astros turn things around, city on city hate, more Texans, the Rockets 2-0 start and Mike D’Antoni addresses James Harden’s Game 6 performance in Mad Radio’s exclusive discussion with Mike and Laurel D’Antoni and more.

Mike is torn up over the Astros loss and feels he can’t believe in any local team, but Seth thinks he needs to perk up. Plus, the guys discuss the Astros Game 5 loss.

Mike and Seth discuss the LUCKy break the Texans appear to be getting heading into their bye week amidst the gllomy state of Houston sports.

Deshaun Watson Respect, New York Disrespect And Sports Therapy

Seth tests Mike’s uncanny sports memory by asking him how many hits each Astro has in the ALCS and the guys breakdown the nightmarish three games in New York.

Ted Johnson and Seth Payne breakdown the challenges and advantages Deshaun Watson will face and have for the remainder of the season and why the run defense should be ashamed of themselves after Week 6.

Mike is depressed about the Astros, Seth still has hope, but what do they people think?

Deshaun Watson has already accomplished more in the NFL than Marcus Mariota according to Paul Gallant. Do Mike and Seth agree? Plus, with Andrew Luck’s status even more uncertain are the Texans destined to have the best QB in the division for years to come.

Mad Takes: One Of Houston’s Most Hated Also Hated Elsewhere

Has Deshaun Watson masked Bill O’Brien’s flaws as a head coach or has the Texans head coach changed his ways for the better with the talented rookie QB?

Screw Em 10/19: Who and what are people mad about today in Houston?

In Part 3 of Mad Radio’s exclusive with the D’Antoni’s the Rockets head coach discusses how he deals with criticism in a contrasting manner that his wife does and he breaks down what happened in James Harden’s scrutinized Game 6 performance.

Bill O’Brien and Deshaun Watson’s relationship is growing and it was fun to see/hear when the Texans head coach was mic’d up during the Week 6 matchup against Cleveland. Plus, the most entertaining and troubling dating story ever courtesy of the newly single Matt Hammond.


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