By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Looking back on the Astros meltdown in Game 4 and ahead to Game’s 5 and 6, John McClain’s weekly visit, Part 2 of the Mad Discussion with Laurel and Mike D’Antoni, Texans potential help on the way and more.

A lot of people are upset following the Astros Game 4 loss of the ALCS, but who, if anyone, dserves the blame?

John McClain gives the latest on Duane Brown and reacts to the reports that Brown could be suited up for the Texans as soon as Week 8.

John McClain has seen a lot of meltdowns in Houston sports, but where does last night’s rank among the worst? Plus, does AJ Hinch deserve criticism for his handling of the Astros in the postseason?

Like they do every Wednesday, Mad Radio goes in-depth into the drive that changed the game for the Texans, for better or worse. This week it was for the better and it ended in a flip into the endzone and a ballsy call by Bill O’Brien.

What happens late in the game today if the game is close for the Astros? Plus Mike and Seth don’t want whining, they want solutions, which causes them to ask the people of Houston what the Astros should’ve done and should do moving forward.

Was Mike D’Antoni hesitant to coach Carmelo Anthony again, what does his wife Laurel think analytic data should be able to measure and more. Part 2 of the candid, exclusive discussion with Houston’s favorite couple.

Mike and Seth discuss yesterday’s happenings in Houston sports and callers go at the guys about what the Astros did wrong last night.

Is it irrational or rational to hate Todd Frazier? Is Josh Reddick cursed? Does Castro look like Bruno Mars? Landry Locker gives Mike and Seth irrational baseball observations from the ALCS.

Ask John McClain Anything 10/18


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