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The Astros 6 – 4 loss to the Yankees was the latest in a long line of depressing and embarrassing losses for Houston sports.

I know I haven’t been here for many of those technicolor yawns. But I’ve seen plenty of bad in my now 6 years at SportsRadio 610:

  • Getting stuffed into a locker TWICE in two months by the Patriots after wearing letterman jackets
  • Damian Lillard ousting the Rockets in 2014
  • Will Harris and the Astros blowing a 4 run lead (and a chance to advance to the ALCS) against the Royals in game 4 of the 2015 ALDS
  • James Harden’s awful second half in game 5, then no show in game 6 earlier this year against the Spurs

So I get why most Houston sports fans are living in a constant state of expecting the worst.

STILL, can you guys clean it up? Just a little bit? Because the reactions to last night’s game reminded me of Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads.

If you’re still reading this – and haven’t been guilt tripped into adopting 5 animals from your nearest shelter – come back to me. This could get Freezing Cold Take-ified in about 4 hours, but get a grip people. These last two Astros losses are the equivalent of the first fight in a relationship. And you guys are handling it like your significant other stole all your money AND had carnal relations with your entire immediate family. And your grandparents.

You’re this (Language Warning):

And it’s pathetic. Unless the Astros lose again tonight. Then you can freak out. But that hasn’t happened yet. And this isn’t the Dodgers destroying the Cubs. This series is tied 2-2, and the Astros offense hasn’t even showed up yet!

There are a lot of people to blame right now for the Astros being in this spot. A.J. Hinch for pulling Lance McCullers after the Aaron Judge solo shot. Hinch not turning to Brad Peacock after pulling McCullers. Carlos Correa for not making the correct throw after that Headley fellah face planted, and Jose Altuve being out of position for the tag. And of course, the bullpen . . . specifically Chris Devenski.

But the real culprit is this Astros lineup. 18 hits through 4 games? A slash line of .153/.254/.220? That’s unacceptable given the talent in this lineup. Especially when you consider how it fared against Yankee starters Luis Severino and former A turned New Yorker Sonny Gray earlier this year. Wakey wakey, George Springer, Josh Reddick, Alex Bregman, Brian McCann, and Marwin Gonzalez (a combined 4-60 with 6 BB and a HBP this series).

Who are the guys that I trust to turn this thing around?

1. Dallas Keuchel/Justin Verlander: I have doubts that these two will be quite as dominant as they were in the first two games of this series. 16 innings worth of Yankees at bats against the duo should make the lineup a lot more formidable this time around. Still, they’re coming off (in my opinion) their best starts of the season.

2. Jose Altuve: Duh.

3. Carlos Correa: He OWNED the Yankees in the regular season (14-28, 2 2B, 2 HR, 10 RBI, .500 AVG, .786 SLG) and started off the series looking great here in Houston. (3-7, 2 R, 1 BB, 1 2B, 1 HR, 2 RBI). But he hasn’t looked good in New York (1-8, 3 K). He’s due, right?

4. Yuli Gurriel: He’s the only guy that’s had a big hit in New York, last night’s 3 run double. He has done it. And he has to do it again.

I don’t trust anyone else.

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