By Landry Locker

Harold Reynolds of the MLB Networks looks at the first three games of the ALCS and preview Game 4 with Mad Radio.

Chicken on a stick, injuries, bad jokes and more in this weeks edition of TrainWreck Tuesday featuring the most chaotic sounds from the football weekend.

Nobody thought that six weeks into the season the offense would be the strength of the Texans team, but can that continue? Mike and Seth breakdown how the Texans offense can get even better.

Mad Radio discusses the fluky breaks the Astros fell victim to in Game 3 of the ALCS, Landry asks why all ballparks aren’t the same dimensions and Seth says there’s a city where professional sports franchises shouldn’t be allowed.

Mad Radio takes a look at what the Texans face after the bye week and how they feel about the most important position on the field against the remaining opponents.

Mad Radio looks at the Astros 8-1 loss to the Yankees and the confidence people should, or shouldn’t, have in Lance McCullers getting the ball in Game 3.

Mike and Seth visit with Mike and Laurel D’Antoni in Part 1 of their extended discussion with the Rockets head coach and his Goddess. In part one the guys get a grasp of the human side of MDT and his wife.


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