By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — Who knows if Duane Brown will report for the Houston Texans this season.

But if he does, it will take some time for him to get back in the swing of things, according to offensive line coach Mike Devlin.

“I think any player and their timing — it does take some time,” Devlin said. “Our system has changed. The quarterback is different. His communication is different. The verbiage is different. From that standpoint, it always takes some time to get caught up.”

Brown, 32, has missed all six games for the Texans (3-3) this season, and didn’t report for any of their work in the offseason.

It’s unclear what he’s seeking with his holdout, though it’s been widely speculated that Brown is hoping to get either a bump in pay, the last two years of his contract guaranteed, or both.

CBS Sports Jason La Canfora reported that Brown intends to end his holdout next Monday, following the Texans bye week, and that the Seattle Seahawks may be interested in the former Pro Bowler.

It’s unclear if GM Rick Smith would be inclined to trade Brown.

In the meantime, Devlin said he’s not thinking about Brown’s situation, and how it will play out over the next few weeks.

“I coach who’s in the room,” Devlin said. “That’s the standard. And I’m proud. I’m proud of these guys, because of the way things started out. We talk about it every week. This is where we started, and where do we want to be at the end of this. That’s really all you can do.”


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