By Shaun Bijani

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – While the Browns were going through yet another change at quarterback this week, benching Deshone Kizer who has thrown a league high 9 interceptions for 2nd year quarterback Kevin Hogan, Texans new quarterback, rookie Deshaun Watson was making history.

Watson, throwing 3 more touchdowns in Sunday afternoon’s 33-17 victory over the Browns, has 15 on the season, the most by a rookie in his team’s first 6 games.

The Texans have scored at least 33 points in each of the last 4 games and while they might not have found themselves in the win column, they are a team that has transformed themselves into a team opponents have to respect.

Following Sunday’s game, Browns defensive back and 9 year veteran, Jason McCourtey said these aren’t the same old Texans he was used to seeing during his time spent in the AFC South with the Titans.

“I actually got a chance to talk to (DeAndre) Hopkins at one point during the course of the game. I told him after playing his team, obviously being in the division when I was in Tennessee so many years; (Deshaun) Watson has made a huge difference in that offense. They look like a totally different offense with him. He has a lot of ability.”

The fact of the matter is, while the Texans have indeed found themselves a quarterback for the now and the future, they’ve also found a way to give opposing defenses another element to prepare for.
Rookie defensive lineman and first overall pick in this years draft, Myles Garrett says Watson has made them dynamic.

“He’s talented. He’s not only a good passer, but he can extend plays and scramble, and you have to account for that. So you just have to make sure you’re on your toes and contain him. We had a couple of problems with that, and we just have to make sure next time we face him in the future that we account for that.”

Garrett did get the best of Deshaun Watson and the Texans offensive line early in the Browns 33-17 loss.

Garrett sacked Watson with 1:54 to play in the first half for his 3rd sack in the last 2 games. On the Browns only touchdown of the game, Garrett pressured Watson, forcing a high throw to Will Fuller which was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Jason McCourtey with 13:27 remaining in the game.

Garrett said he could have made life more difficult for Watson, but the fellow rookie’s illusiveness and decision making won out.

“I was there, but he got it out just a hair before I could take him out with the ball in his hand, and he was putting the ball where it needed to be.”

The same of course could not be said for Browns signal caller Kevin Hogan. Making his first career start at quarterback Sunday, it appears he’ll be just another number of the 28 they’ve now run through since 1999.
As for Watson, he and the Texans enter the bye week at an even 3-3 mark with their hands full when they return, as they’ll play 4 of their next 6 games on the road.