By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: The Astros get the matchup they want, Deshaun Watson steals the headlines in Cleveland and causes the Browns coach to get flustered, looiking ahead to the ALCS and Week 1, Paul Gallant, Zac Jackson, Trent Green and more.

Mad Radio takes a look at the ways MLB managers have struggled in the playoffs and why it is. Is it about magnitude and a lack of familiarity with high-pressure situations? Is it over-thinking? The guys discuss…

Deshaun Watson is the toast of the town in Houston, but in Cleveland he’s a sensitive subject. Mad Radio listens to the testy interaction between Browns head coach Hue Jackson and the Cleveland media when discussing the franchise passing on the rookie quarterback, not once, but twice in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Mike and Seth discuss what the breaking point would be for a fan to quit on their team in wake of the Cleveland Browns coming to town.

Mad Radio discusses the promising short and long-term outlook of the Texans offense and how surprising it is this is being said five weeks into the season.

Seth Payne revisits the time many of his teammates feared for their safety and one feared for his life following a meeting with the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland.

PG joins Mike and Seth to discuss the narrative about Bill O’Brien now compared to what it was before he got Deshaun Watson on his roster. Plus, is all hope lost for the defense or can they do something different to be successful?

Zac Jackson joins Mad Radio to give a scouting report on the Browns, the pulse of the city following the Indians’ meltdown and Hue Jackson’s defensiveness about passing on Deshaun Watson.

CBS analyst and former NFL quarterback Trent Green joins the show to discuss what he thought of Deshaun Watson before the NFL Draft compared to what he thinks of him five weeks into the season, the Houston Texans and more.


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