By Bryan Carey

Autumn is here, and while Houston is not a city where lovers of fall colors will find endless photo opportunities standing next to orange and red hued foliage, we still like to celebrate the season in other traditional ways. One of them is with pumpkins and besides seeing pumpkins on display at every turn, the fall season is great for pumpkin flavored foods and beverages. Our fair city is loaded with places to enjoy the latest pumpkin concoction, with everything from pies to lattes accented with pumpkin flavor. Here are the best places to get your pumpkin fix in Houston:

Three Brothers Bakery
4036 S. Braeswood Blvd.
Houston, TX 77025
(713) 666-2253

Three Brothers Bakery is a Houston institution. With multiple awards under its belt, Three Brothers leads the way in baked goods and is one of the first places that come to mind when Houstonians think about sweet treats and they certainly take the fall season to heart with their pumpkin flavored goodies. Some will opt for a traditional pumpkin pie while others will enjoy Three Brothers Pumpkin Cheesecake. If you want even greater adventure, a good option is Three Brothers Pumpecapple, a giant, multi- layered dessert made with apple pie, spice, chocolate cake, and pumpkin pie. Whatever your sweet tooth desires pumpkin- wise, Three Brothers Bakery has something to please.

Inversion Coffee House
1953 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 523-4866

Located in the Art Building of Houston, Inversion Coffee House takes its products and mission seriously. Many people stop by Inversion Coffee House as part of their daily coffee and tea routine and the place is especially popular in the fall when pumpkin lattes are all the rage. Inversion Coffee House takes an artistic approach to its food and drink and the swirls and colors of its pumpkin latte do, indeed, look like something destined for an art display. Add a slice of pumpkin bread to the mix and you have all the makings of a Houston- grown pumpkin fix for the fall season.

Saint Arnold Brewing
2000 Lyons Ave.
Houston, TX 77020
(713) 686-9494

Breweries are known for their seasonal beer and one of the best pumpkin beers around is brewed and distributed by Houston’s own Saint Arnold Brewing. The beer is called Pumpkinator and it is one of the most sought- after beers during the fall season. It’s an imperial pumpkin ale loaded with dark, roasted malts, a rich pumpkin flavor, and added spice for a taste of Halloween in a glass. Pumpkinator can be found in stores and area bars during the fall season, but it’s best to pay a visit directly to the brewery where you will find Saint Arnold Pumpkinator on tap, fresh and ready to fulfill your pumpkin fantasies.

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Oooh La La Elite Cupcakes
5203 FM 1960 Road
Houston, TX 77069
(281) 781-7437<

If you prefer a pumpkin fix that is spongy and sweet, then an excellent choice of places to visit is Oooh La La Elite Cupcakes. This bakery specializes in cupcakes and they offer multiple pumpkin flavored varieties like Pumpkin Butterscotch and Pumpkin Apple Caramel. At the top of the list is the delectable Pumpkin Bailey’s Irish Cream cupcake, an indulgent dessert with flavors of fresh pumpkin, spice, vanilla, and a touch of chocolate. Oooh La La Elite Cupcakes is all about decadence and their pumpkin flavored cupcakes are certain to satisfy your pumpkin cravings.

Fat Cat Creamery
1901 N. Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 869-1080<

Houston is still warm during the autumn and that means cool treats are still very much in season. A good choice for a cool pumpkin treat is Fat Cat Creamery, a local establishment that takes pride in sourcing most ingredients locally. Fat Cat Creamery has a core selection of ice cream flavors offered year- round, but its seasonal flavors and varieties are what keep Houston’s ice cream crowd in an anxious state of anticipation. For the fall, Fat cat Creamery offers its signature Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Ice cream. Made with pumpkin, cream cheese, and graham cookie crumbles, this delicious ice cream is bound to capture your pumpkin- loving imagination and it makes Fat Cat Creamery a must- visit when the need for pumpkin flavor has you in its grip and will not let go.

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