By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – The Texans lost two of their key defenders on their way to a defeat Sunday night at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. Both are lost for the season. 

“Loss for words,” said defensive lineman Christian Covington. “You see two guys go down, two of the best players on this team, it’s gonna hurt. It really does.”

So early in the game, and to lose both, shocked Covington.

“Took me by surprise just to see those guys go down.”

Veteran corner Johnathan Joseph feels for the Texans pass rushers as well.

“Anytime you lose any player, I know I understand all the hard work that goes into the offseason, training camp, everything you do throughout the week to prepare yourself for the game…obviously a player of [Watt’s] status it’s always tough.”

Joseph mentioned he thought first

No dwelling on the injuries though.

“You have to continue to move on because the game [doesn’t] stop for anyone. So we’ll adjust and continue to move forward and get better.”

As the injuries happen Covington said the team has to focus on the players available because dwelling on the players who you lost has the potential to “mess you up” on the field.

“It’s that next man up mentality,” he said. “We’ve had to do it before when [Watt] went down for previous years.”

He mentioned replacing two of the best defenders in the NFL wouldn’t be easy but noted there would be an opportunity as the team is now down an outside linebacker and defensive end.

Joseph knows it won’t be easy but it’s reality.

“I’m not saying we’re going to replace [Watt’s] level of play but you know the next guy gotta step in and pick it up.”

Covington later allowed the emotional side of the game to be told.

“It’s football man. You just feel bad because those are your brothers on the field. Those are your brothers. To see them go down, it’s gonna hurt.”

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