Sean, Rich, and Ted react to the Astros 8-2 win over Boston in Game 1 of their series during their opening segment. Also a brief conversation about the Patriots beating Tampa Bay on Thursday Night Football.


Sean asks the question if a close loss to the Chiefs on Sunday for the Texans would be a morale victory? Ted said no, you’re allowed one of those per season and they already used it in the Patriots game. Also, what parts of the Chiefs concern us the most?


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about the best college football matchups coming up this weekend.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them everyday during All Due Respect. OJ Simpson made another appearance today during this segment.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk fantasy football with our expert Lisa Ann. Should you trust Seattle’s defense on the road against the highest scoring team? How should we handle Ty Montgomery’s injury status? How quickly did people in your leagues add Deshaun Watson? All that and more.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with John McClain for two segments about the Texans vs Chiefs matchup, the Astros hot start vs Boston, and more.



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