Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton found himself in hot water Wednesday after laughing and saying he found it “funny a female” would talk about how a football player would play his position when asked a question by Charlotte Observer beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue about how his teammate Devin Funchess ran his routes.

On Thursday, veteran reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night Football Michelle Tafoya joined John Lopez and Cody Stoots on In The Loop on SportsRadio 610 and advised that Rodrigue not allow the words of one man bring her down.

“It’s not really a surprise to me,” Tafoya said of Newton’s comments. “This one rolls right off my back, just because I don’t let that stuff affect me…and I hope she let it roll off her back.”

Tafoya has been working around the NFL since the early 1990’s and has been working the sideline for Monday Night Football and then Sunday Night Football since 2006.

“This is stuff that I honestly, I don’t let it affect me.” Tafoya continued with some advice to women in all walks of life. “People are now and then going to say stupid things.  That doesn’t say anything about you. It speaks about them. Let it roll off your back.”

Rodrigue tweeted after the response from Newton in his press conference that she didn’t find her question “funny” at all.  The Charlotte Observer ran a story on what happened after the press conference when Rodrigue approached Newton and she described it as not going any better.




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