By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans have finally found their franchise quarterback but over the years have had their fair share of signal callers. A few of them met up on Twitter to discuss the finer points of touching a man’s rump to start a play.

Leinart was slated to take over after Matt Schaub’s foot injury. He, however, broke his collarbone in his first start with the Texans.

Orlovsky spent two years as a backup for the Texans but he never took attempted a pass in 2009 or 2010.

During the conversation about the quarterback-center exchange, the lone Pro Bowl center in Texans history came up. None other than Chris Myers became a topic of conversation among the ex-Texans.

Joining the conversation next was a passer who had two tours with the Texans.

Yates is the team’s eighth all-time leading passer. He deemed the posterior of Myers immaculate, though hard to reach.

Orlovsky finished the exchange with the ugly side of Myers’ perfected hindquarters.

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