By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Reaction to the Texans dominant performance against the Tennessee Titans at NRG, the magnitude of the win, Deshaun Watson’s historic performance and more on an Overreaction Monday.

Mad Radio reacts to the Texans dominant win over Tennessee and how much more simple, yet complex, life is when a team has a good quarterback.

Mike and Seth discuss the alarming statistical impact Deshaun Watson has had on the Texans and where the Texans rank among the other teams in the AFC.

Deshaun Watson is getting most of the credit for the Texans win, but how much credit does the defense deserve?

Where would Deshaun Watson go in the NFL Draft in a re-draft? In Cleveland they’re angry that the Browns passed on him twice, would they make that mistake again?

Texans fans aren’t used to seeing this many points on offense. Mike and Seth discuss the level of dominance the offense showed yesterday and the frustration that fans have felt in the past with O’Brien’s offense.


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