By Paul Gallant, SportsRadio 610By Paul Gallant

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Texans rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson is impressing so many people with his play, it’s becoming difficult to keep track of it all. So to help you out, here are all the nice things that owners, coaches, and players had to say about Watson after leading the Texans to a 57 – 14 victory over the Titans.

Texans Owner Bob McNair:

“I don’t think there’s any question. He is so calm, cool and collected. The team has so much confidence in him that it really picks them up. They feel like it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. We can get it going, and we can go down there and score.”

“He just has a great ability to do that and to get away as the pressure builds. He has a sense that they are closing in on him and that’s when he spins out. He made some of those throws running to his left and throwing down the field. Very accurate. It was just a terrific performance.”

Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt

Obviously, to watch what Deshaun [Watson] is able to do and watch what our offense is able to do, it’s incredible how fast they’ve been able to make it all work. I’m very excited to see where it goes in the future, and I’m very excited to obviously be able to put up a performance like that.”

Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien

“He’s a good player. He’s a very smart guy. These guys, they believe in him. He works very hard. He’s got a fantastic way about him. He’s a humble kid. Was raised the right way. And he works very hard. He’s got great questions. He’s got great suggestions. He’s got a good mind for a lot of different things. Not just football. He’s an excellent kid and he’s fun to coach.”

“He really can throw the football. He’s a very accurate passer. He’s got big hands. He can really sling it and he’s a very smart runner. Running is not all about speed. It’s about instincts and understanding how plays are being blocked and understanding the defense that you’re seeing to kind of weave your way through. And so far,so good with that.”

“He knows what to do with the ball. He knows how to get us into the right play and that’s what he did.”

Texans Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins

“You have to thank the organization for going out and moving up (in the NFL Draft) and getting a guy like Deshaun Watson. Taking that risk on moving up and trading draft picks to go out and get a guy that they know can do this for the organization.””

“He’s maturing more and more every day. Not just on the field but off the field. He’s doing the things characteristic of a quarterback that wants to win everything, the ultimate goal. The way he carries himself not just on the field but off the field, the leadership mentality he has, he has the pedigree to be great. And just the adjustments that he can make on the field, going on the sideline, going down and correcting it, I haven’t had that in a while.”

Texans Linebacker Jadeveon Clowney

“The way he extends plays with his legs, no play is ever over with that guy. That’s just great. He moves around, and he creates first downs all the time. Just as long as the ball is in his hands, I think we’ll be alright. We just have to keep it in his hands as much as we can.”

“I can’t tell you about that side of the ball. They better get somebody out there that can contain him, that’s all I can tell you. Because he can run, and he can throw. He can beat you and he can throw it too.“

Texans Linebacker Benardrick McKinney

He’s a freak. He’s unbelievable, man. The plays he makes, it’s almost like a good player in high school. Just running around making plays like that. But he’s an unbelievable quarterback. I love to see him play.

Texans Running Back Lamar Miller

“He just has swag. He keeps everybody going, you know, he leads the offense, he commands the huddle and he just makes sure everybody is playing fast and doing their assignment. He’s just moving the ball with them.”

Titans Head Coach Mike Mularkey

“It’s very impressive what he did for a rookie. Again, we had him on the run a number of times. He escaped, made some great throws.”

Texans Linebacker Dylan Cole

“That’s a dude who’s just getting better. This is just the beginning for him, and I’m very excited to see where he goes.”

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