On Monday morning SportsRadio 610 received an e-mail from a trusted source that we have talked with many times and been given reputable information and a number of different topics within the NFL.

That e-mail was directed at the players in the NFL that took a knee. It was a harsh criticism of their actions and their disrespect of the military in the eyes of this person.  We contacted the person and asked if we could publish their e-mail on SportsRadio610.com.  They told us that we could and asked us that we leave their name and title out of the letter.  We never asked if the words were theirs or not, we only assumed they were original thoughts from someone we have done business with for years.

After publishing, it was brought to our attention that large parts of the letter had been lifted from a Facebook post by Ted Nugent. We decided at that point to remove the post entirely from our website.

We are sorry we did not do enough due diligence on this matter.  We understand this was a mistake and we hope to restore any faith you have lost because of this in the future.


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