By Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Tuesday on a game week is normally an off day for many Houston Texans players. This Tuesday, however, the Texans rookie class spent the morning hosting 100 Special Olympics Texas athletes at a play 60 event.

“You can’t beat this stuff,” D’Onta Foreman said. “Money or whatever, just being in the NFL, it’s nice but this stuff right here means the world to these kids and it means the world to me.”

The players caught passes from the athletes, rookie first-round draft pick Deshaun Watson showed them how to throw the football and second-round pick linebacker, Zach Cunningham tried to stop kids from getting passed him during two-hand touch running drills.

“Lot of good athletes out there,” Zach Cunningham said. “Lot of crisp routes, people catching the ball with one hand, I saw a couple kids do that.”

While the Texans get to take the field every week, they for a few hours got to share the gridiron and that special feeling with some Special Olympics athletes.

“To be out here with these kids is wonderful,” Foreman said. “I enjoy it, they enjoy it, when they are happy I’m happy.”


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