By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Should there be more excitement about Deshaun Watson in Houston? How can the Texans beat the Patriots? Clowney and Watt think the defense is a sleeping giant, Brian Cushing’s excuse, Wade Smith’s weekly visit and more.

Mad Radio gets off to an intense start as Mike and Seth discuss Landry Locker’s column questioning the lack of excitement surrounding Deshaun Watson in Houston.

Mike Meltser gives five reasons why Texans could be skeptical about Deshaun Watson and a caller calls in to discuss why he no longer supports the Texans organization.

Jadeveon Clowney meets with the media to discuss why the Texans are better suited to compete with the Patriots this time around the guys take a look at the early start to JJ Watt’s season.

Landry Locker gives five reasons the Texans can beat the Patriots Sunday, Mike and Seth react.

Mad Radio digs deeper into Bill Belichick getting choked up in his conference call earlier this week and develops a theory into what caused the Patriots head coach to lose his voice.

Mike and Seth dig deeper into Deshaun Watson’s rookie season and why there isn’t more hype about it or if Landry Locker is having an imaginary argument.

Seth Payne wins his first back-to-back Worst Take of Week and Mad Radio compares a Houston offensive line rant to a New York offensive line rant.

Mike and Seth react to Brian Cushing’s excuse for testing positive for PED’s and are amazed by the excuse that is being presented by the linebacker’s camp.

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to discuss if he saw any improvement from the Texans offensive line in Week 2 against Cincinnati.

Wade Smith says the fans have the most power when it comes the Duane Brown’s holdout and the listeners weigh in on where they stand on the matter.

Mad Radio revisits their five reasons the Texans can, not will, beat the Patriots. Plus, Landry goes through the things he liked this week.


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