By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Bill Belichick praises Bill O’Brien and takes a shot at Rick Smith, what they’re talking about in New England, Deshaun Watson’s task ahead, why Duane Brown won’t win his holdout, Screw Em, Worst Take nominees and more.

Mike and Seth discuss Bill Belichick’s praise of Bill O’Brien and notion that he has done more with less and is one of the best coaches in the league. There’s one thing about this praise that irks both Mike and Seth.

Seth Payne breaks down the way first-year defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel has used Jadeveon Clowney two games into his tenure.

Mad Radio breaks down Deshaun Watson’s first regular season meeting with Bill Belichick and what kind of things the future Hall of Fame head coach will throw at him.

Mad Radio discusses why Duane Brown can’t win his holdout and why maybe the Texans shouldn’t have changed the rules for JJ Watt.

Seth plays another game of name that injury and Mike Meltser’s personal life is once against taking a toll on him, but are his friends being fair to him?

Mad Radio and Paul Gallant look into the reputation of Bill O’Brien including his love from the best coach in the game. Plus, someone has a strange suspicion that Sunday’s game could be closer than most people expect.

Andy Gresh joins Mad Radio to discuss what the talking points are in Patriots land leading up to their game against the Texans on Sunday.

Did Belichick almost die? Did an anchor cross the line with a profanity-laced rant? Should players ask each other for autographs? Mad Takes with Paul Gallant, Mike and Seth.

Screw Em 9/21

Mad Radio looks at Texans who left the organization and how they did with their new teams. Is there a trend?

Worst Take of the week nominees: Mike Meltser on fixing boxing, Seth of TJ Watt and Paul Gallant.



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