By Landry Locker

I’ll never forget the excitement around Houston when the Texans acquired quarterback Deshaun Watson during the first-round of the 2017 NFL Draft. There was legitimate excitement around town and you couldn’t go anywhere without feeling the Watson buzz.

However, less than five months later there’s a lack of Watson buzz despite the fact the rookie quarterback is 1-0 as a starter. What in the hell happened?

I’m not in the business of telling fans how they should feel, fans can feel however the heck they want, but watching a young, charismatic quarterback develop should be fun for a fanbase that has been starving for a franchise quarterback for a long time. Oh yeah, did I mention he won his first start?

For better or worse, Watson is an exciting player to watch, easy guy to root for and he always seems to come up big on the big stage. Even last week in Cincinnati when he was struggling there were moments where he made plays that few, if any, other quarterbacks in the league could make.


Following his 49-yard touchdown run one of the top national voices of the NFL, Chris Collinsworth, described Watson’s intangibles and the “undefined” factor of the rookie quarterback. However, locally it seemed like all people wanted to do was complain about the ineffectiveness of the offense, especially the offensive line.

Some people around town are acting like they expected Bill O’Brien to run a Peyton Manning in his prime-like offense despite the fact he hasn’t ran a good offense outside of New England. Others are acting like since the Texans don’t appear to be Super Bowl contenders two weeks into the season all is lost this year. If you thought the Texans were a Super Bowl contender heading into the season or think this is a Super Bowl or bust franchise then you should probably evaluate yourself.

Breaking News!: If the Texans are going to win games this season it’s going to be because of an elite defense and it’s not always going to be pretty. 

It’s not pretty, but it’s fun to watch.

I’m not saying Watson’s a future Hall Of Famer. Hell, I don’t even know if he’s going to be a franchise quarterback, but he’s fun to watch and extremely easy to root for because of his character and exciting style of play. Since when did an accomplished college quarterback with superior intangibles have to be the next Tom Brady for a fanbase to get excited? Denver fans got behind Tim Tebow, Tennessee fans got excited to see Vince Young and even Cleveland caught Manziel fever.

Usually athletes are appreciated more locally than they are nationally, but there seems to be more of an appreciation for watching Watson grow and develop around the country than there is in Houston. In fairness, maybe it’s because the national media doesn’t have a grasp of how awful the Texans’ offensive line is or maybe there’s Bill O’Brien fatigue is the remedy for the Watson buzz. To be continued…

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